The two of us didn’t suppose our mother would be able to run a full marathon

It wasn’t too long ago when our mother started talking about running a marathon.

The two of us were all shocked because both of us realized that a marathon is 26 miles, and that is difficult for just about anybody.

Our mother was kind of out of shape too and this seemed love it was going to be a real challenge for her. To be honest, none of us believed that she would be able to run a marathon successfully. The two of us figured she might make it to maybe 3 miles or so and then call it quits. Well, she was absolutely determined and she invested in some gym component for the basement. She got a quality treadmill that had an interface that made you feel love you were running in odd locations, including the mountains if you wanted. She also decided to get a hold of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company to upgrade the Heating, Ventilation and A/C component for her marathon training, before both of us knew it, both of us had Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control installed in our beach house and the basement had its own thermostat. She would properly go down there to work out and run for tenths with the air conditioning system plan cranked up. When both of us saw how long she was running on that treadmill, it inspired all of us to exercise more. She lost a lot of weight and her endurance increased a wonderful deal. She eventually reached the 26 mile mark on the treadmill and both of us were all so cheerful for her. She knew she was ready for the real thing and when she went, it was a really overheated day. This is why I purchased her a hat with a built in cooling plan to help her stay cool while she ran. This helped her out a lot and she ran the whole marathon!


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