Installing radiant heated floors helps the HVAC system

The day my wife and I decided to place the loft on the market, we had to spend some time on improvements to get rid of old things.

My wife and I wanted to make improvements that would help the loft become more energy efficient.

One of the initial things we did was update all of the windows to double pane windows with vinyl frames. The individual pane windows with aluminum frames were incredibly inefficient. Not to mention it was causing our Heating & Air Conditioning plan to have to work more than it should to heat or cool our loft. The next update that assisted the efficiency of the Heating & Air Conditioning plan was setting up radiant radiant floors. The radiant radiant floors would require a heating element underneath the loft floor, which assisted to maintain a consistent ambient temperature of the house. When the floors are radiating heat, the Heating & Air Conditioning plan doesn’t have to labor so much to heat the house in the winter. Another energy-efficient update my wife and I made to our loft was installing a smart temperature control with zone control. A smart temperature control is connected to wireless.The unit can be programmed via an app on your PC or PC. Zone control is done by setting a series of valves within our existing ductwork. This will help direct the flow of air throughout our loft. With a smart temperature control together with zone control, one can make sure that the air conditioner isn’t running while we aren’t home. We can also make sure that we aren’t using energy to treat vacant rooms.These simple improvements can raise the energy efficiency of your loft. Plus it adds value when you bring the loft to market.


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