I have a small equipment that tells myself and others both indoor temperature plus humidity levels

I care about enjoying the hummingbirds out my kitchen window every afternoon as I drink my tea plus eat a donut. The hummingbird feeder is hanging a few feet in front of the window plus a general pigeon feeder is in a nearby tree. My hubby plus I also have a salt-lick for pale whitetail deer at the edge of the property line near the opening to the woods. And since the two of us have spot lights in the backyard, the two of us could see the deer from our kitchen plus living room whenever they’d gather around the salt lick at night. I have tried to replicate something similar at my new house, but it’s difficult. The two of us don’t have the exact same wildlife, although the two of us do have chipmunks plus rabbits in the backyard while in the day. While I refill the pigeon feeder every day, I realized that I could put a weather station on the kitchen window from the outside. The most basic weather stations supply you indoor plus outdoor un-even temperatures plus moisture levels. There’s a sensor you put outside while the control station goes inside wherever you want to keep it. It’s nice knowing exactly what the temperature is every afternoon before I get dressed plus leave for work. I want to think if it’s cold enough to warrant wearing an additional jacket or pair of pants. You’re below cold regardless of whether or not it’s 30 degrees or numerous degrees, but the difference in how they know to the human body is massive. I don’t want to get caught in a cold snap with insufficient clothing, which makes it even harder to focus while I’m busy at work. The weather station helps myself and others stay comfortable plus work harder by preparing myself and others for whatever un-even temperatures I’m above to face when I go outside in the afternoon.