I was upset at first but the HVAC company said my HVAC repair would be no charge

I assumed everything was okay when the HVAC professional left the other day.

I thought he would come to me to tell me what he did and ask for payment, but he just left. I figured I would end up getting the bill in the mail or something. Well, I was surprised when I went to turn on the thermostat and the HVAC system didn’t even work. I immediately called up the HVAC company and told them what happened. I said I didn’t expect the HVAC professional to leave without telling me what was going on. They apologized and said they would get everything sorted out in the morning. The next day I got a call from the HVAC company. They apologized again for the inconvenience with the HVAC professional leaving so suddenly. They explained that they had an HVAC emergency in the area and they reached out to the professional at my home. He had to rush to the emergency and he unfortunately wasn’t able to finish working on my HVAC. I was upset because that put me in a bad situation where I couldn’t even use the HVAC system. They apologized again and said they would repair my HVAC for no charge and the HVCA professional would be back later in the afternoon. When the HVAC professional came back, he apologized profusely saying that he tried to tell me what was going on, but I was in the bathroom and he was in a rush. It all made sense and I said it was no problem. I was just happy that I was getting this all done for no cost to me.


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