The cookout was interrupted by the sound of what seemed like a gunshot

When I was having a cookout at my place, I had a lot of people come out.

Well, while I was cooking food on the grill, I heard a truly loud banging noise. It almost sounded like a gun went off in my house. I told a friend to take over the grill and I dashed to see what in the world was going on in my house. I was shocked when there was smoke coming from the basement and it was just too much smoke. The HVAC system was already shut off but I made sure the thermostat was off as well. I had to keep the fire extinguisher nearby just in case the HVAC unit started on fire. With all the smoke, it was hard to tell but I didn’t see any flames anywhere. The smoke eventually died away and I was able to open all the windows and air everything out. I had the fire department come out and they made sure everything was clear. I then had to call the HVAC company to have my HVAC replaced because that A/C system didn’t look like it would be working again. I was told that I should have been keeping up with my regular maintenance. They said what was a small maintenance issue turned into something major and then a part completely failed which caused the smoke and friction inside the HVAC unit. I was actually lucky nothing caught on fire but at least I didn’t keep anything flammable around my HVAC unit. I’m glad that I have a new HVAC now, but I also know to take good care of it with regular HVAC maintenance moving forward.



a/c representative