My best friend told me about the wonders of heat pumps for winter heating

I love trying out new technology that I have never gotten my hands on yet.

One such example is when I discovered ceramic coated fry pans.

When I was much younger, we really only had a few options for stovetop cookware. Most manufacturers either made steel or teflon coated fry pans, and if you wanted traditional cast iron you often had to get them from a specialty cookware store. Ceramic coated fry pans give you a stick-resistant cooking surface without using any harmful chemicals The food has a good flavor but it doesn’t impart any of this on the pots and pans, nor do I struggle to get them clean like I do with my glass pyrex dishes and my stainless steel cookware. The most recent example of me finding new technology to try and love was when my best friend was telling me about his new heat pump. He told me that it’s like an air conditioner on one hand, because it uses the refrigerant cycle to pull heat energy out of the house and expel it outdoors. But when the weather outside gets cold, the heat pump can reverse the process, harvesting ambient heat from outdoor air or from a ground or water source. This way you’re not expelling all of this energy into burning a gas or oil fuel to simply heat water sent throughout the house or air inside a ventilation system. You can use electricity to run a heat pump and it will never present the same kind of costs associated with an electric fan-forced furnace for instance.

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