I couldn’t believe my Grandparents could be so cruel

Every few weeks or so, I drive down to my Grandparent’s stadium to provide them a visit. I believe they are lonely, plus they adore the visit. Well today was 1 of those afternoons, plus I was driving down to meet them. As I usually do, I had a few things packed for the 3 day stay at their stadium. Some of the things I brought were clothes, toothbrush plus toothpaste plus other basic necessities. Oh plus I also brought my portable a/c. The portable A/C component was in the back of my car, plus it’s the newest addition of all of my items. I just bought the portable air conditioning component back a few weeks ago, plus it was absolutely worth the money. I bring the portable cooling component with myself and others wherever I go, in case the heat gets too bad. Since I live in the southern states, it can get pretty bad. I made it down to their stadium plus talked to them for a while. Then I set up the a/c in the guestroom for a while. I went out for a while, plus when I came back, I observed the portable A/C was gone! I asked my Grandparents where it went, plus they told myself and others they sold it! They told myself and others I did not need the portable a/c, their central A/C was enough, plus besides, it was a waste of money to begin with. My jaw was practically hitting the floor, as I couldn’t believe they could be so cruel. I was literally telling them earlier how ecstatic I was with the portable Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. One thing is for sure, I’m not visiting them for a long time, if ever again.


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