My brother always liked to take shortcuts

While my brother and I always did well as roommates, there was one thing about him that always drove me crazy, and that was his constant need to take a shortcut. My brother never liked doing things the proper way, and was always looking for something quicker. Even though I have warned him multiple times in advance that the quick way doesn’t work nearly as well, he almost never listens to me. A great example is our heating and air conditioning system. When our previous HVAC device broke down, my brother originally wanted to look for as small and as cheap as air conditioning systems could get. I thought I had convinced him out of that, and I thought we had agreed on a regular central air conditioning system. I guess not, because what did I find in our driveway when I was coming home from work? A HVAC van. Apparently while I was gone my brother was having a much smaller and cheaper version of A/C installed. I was rightfully mad at him, but he told me that I just needed to wait and see, and the air conditioner would work just fine. In his mind, he thought central air conditioners were just another way for HVAC places to make more money. Surprise, surprise, the new cooling unit was not up to par, and only worked for about a month before crashing. My brother spent a lot of money attempting to repair it, but in the end, we went with my original suggestion of a central cooling system. All of this could have been avoided if he had just listened to me and not taken shortcuts.



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