I needed current wooden chairs for the kitchen.

Over the years, my kitchen chairs have all been broken. My kids enjoyed to rock back on the back legs. They would scoot across the floor while still sitting, plus they would be using the chair rungs to rest their feet. This has caused broken plus marred chairs plus put deep scratches into my floor. The scratches were able to be sanded plus buffed, but there was no fixing the chairs. I was looking at all the online stores like Overstock plus Wayfair, in hopes of finding wooden chairs to match what I already have, but to no avail. I took a picture of my only two remaining chairs plus put them online, in hopes of someone knowing where I could find matching wooden chairs. I got a few hits, but none of them were perfect matches. One lady messaged me plus told me to go to a website where they sold furniture made in the late 1950’s. She was sure my dining table plus chairs were vintage. Once I started looking, I realized the table plus chairs were custom made in the early 1930’s, around the time of prohibition. I also found out that my table could possibly have a hidden compartment where they would store a small cask or two, of whiskey. I was excited to check my table out. What was even more exciting was that I finally found anywhere that would either sell me the chair, or custom make the chairs to match what I had left. Whichever I chose, it was going to take about more than 2 months before I would have them in my home.


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