A lot of people up north don’t even own a/cs

Every Summer I went to live with our Grandparents up north. Both of our parents worked 9 to 5 jobs and this stopped us getting put in daycare with strangers. Although I missed our university friends every summer, I had a group of friends from our Grandparents’ city. There was a big patch of woods towards the back of their housing development and we enjoyed to take airsoft guns out there to play war games. Even though I was only nine-years-old at the time, I got along with the kids that were several years older than me. It was fun when I was invited to family parties and celebrations, especially if any kind of food was involved. But I noticed something peculiar whenever I was over at friends’ houses up north. Unlike the people in our apartment state, a lot of northerners forgo indoor air conditioning altogether. They all have heating systems to survive the Winter time freeze, however plenty don’t bother to cool their homes beyond fans and open windows. I had no idea that it could get so frigid in July that you would honestly need to run the oil furnace indoors to stay comfortable. I know they would say the same thing about southerners using their a/cs in the winter, however it’s still baffling to me. I don’t guess I could last in an environment love that, year after year. I like warmer weather, even if it means running an a/c most mornings of the year and paying high electricity bills in the process. The thought of using a oil furnace in July or June is honestly silly to me.

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