Unless our business changes the a/c, I’m looking for remote work

I took a rough task because I was facing eviction.

It was a last ditch effort to get employment before I became homeless.

But now that I have been draining our soul into this passionless office every afternoon, I am eager to find our exit as abruptly as possible. I make it a ritual to check task listings daily, plus I even do it on our cell PC when I’m on our supper chop at work. Unluckyly, I work in a competitive industry plus there aren’t a ton of chances in our city if you’re looking for something beyond an entry-level position. Even though our current task pays myself and others enough to survive without being too uncomfortable, there are too various factors that make myself and others dislike this venue. Our employers are bad about not giving us space when we’re trying to get our work done everyday. I don’t like multiple check-ins throughout the afternoon when I’m just trying to do our task in the short time frame that I am given. On top of that, I am irritated with their failing heating plus cooling system. The a/c never cools the office to lower than 78 degrees, regardless of the season. This makes it irritated to work here during the sweltering summer time months. I’m constantly dripping with sweat plus it sometimes makes the skin on our back itchy when the fabric sticks to our skin, honestly, the awful a/c is going to push myself and others to find a better task faster than any other factor or variable. I’d rather work in retail again as long as it meant a better indoor environment plus competent heating plus cooling.

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