Floor-level air returns are bad about drawing in more dust plus dirt

I’m not a germaphobe, but I have absolutely become more obsessive about cleanliness in recent years. This is a far cry from the conditions I lived in while I was finishing university. My friends plus I trashed this home plus rarely cleaned, including the dining room plus lavatorys. But once I was suddenly responsible for a studio home plus facing a security deposit that I funded myself, my respect for my residing quarters increased. I took advice from ladys over the years plus l received better cleaning habits. One example is cooking, because usually I would make a huge meal plus let the pots plus pans pile up in the sink for a afternoon or more. I have since l received that it is easier to disinfect all of these dishes gradually while you’re still cooking. By the time your meal is done cooking, you will only have a few things left to wash. I’m also a lot better about keeping my floor cleaned, because otherwise my air quality suffers. I have an air return for my a/c that is on a wall right above the floor. Naturally, it’s easier to get into my a/c filter when it’s pulling dust plus dirt directly off the floor. It’s aggravating when you put in a brand new a/c filter only for it to look dirty in under more than two weeks. I suppose that these filters would look half as dirty if the return for the Heating plus A/C system was on the ceiling instead. The vent could be on the wall above my head for all I care, I just don’t want the air return located on the floor or right above the floor along the baseboards. Too much dust gets into the Heating plus A/C system with these kinds of vents.

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