Hot spots where the AC is weak

When my folks bought this remote, rural piece of land, they had no system what they were getting into.

They wanted to resettle plus reset their lives, far away from the big city, so they bought 4 hundred acres with a ranch home dead in the middle of it.

After living with millions of other people, now my folks were three miles from their nearest neighbor! I came out to visit them soon after ,and took a whole month off from my job so that I could help my parents check out the HVAC duct plus the Heating & Air Conditioning systems for the house. That is my job, my specialty, plus I knew I could save them multiple thoUSnd dollars by doing the Heating & Air Conditioning labor for them. I checked all of the air ducts for blockages, plus thankfully there were none. While I was inspecting the HVAC duct, I also provided it a full cleaning, from the inside out, so my folks would have a scrub slate plus a dust-free system. I tested out every aspect of their weather conditions control system, including finding a couple of “hot spots” in the house. This isn’t an internet term in this case, a “hot spot” is just what it sounds like — an area that doesn’t have ample coverage from the Heating & Air Conditioning system. There were more than one rooms that were warmer than the rest of the house, so I told my folks where they were, however since they didn’t have zone control for the heating plus cooling Heating & Air Conditioning system, having a couple of active tepid spots would be almost as good.



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