I need to take better care of our a/c

The importance of planning ahead is something often lost on me.

After last summer, though, I suppose I have l earned a lesson about getting ready for problems before they arise.

I was never a girl who got warranties, or bothered with maintenance plans. If something broke I fixed it or got a modern one, and just let it go until it needed to be fixed or replaced. Having a maintenance tech come to the house once or twice a year for “preventative services” felt care about wasted money to me, however last Summer had myself and others whistling a unusual tune, when our faulty air conditioning made the entire season a gruelling ordeal. As soon as the first heatwave hit and I turned on the a/c I felt that it was sluggish and weak. What’s more, the air coming from the vents was only slightly cooled, and not to the level of what I had set the control device to. So our concern was that the a/c worked a little, so it wasn’t fully broken but it seemed to be going in that direction. After looking for some tips online I evaluated our air filter, and found it completely covered with dust, dirt, and pet dander. I scraped it clean and put it back in, because it was the only air filter I had and a dirty one was better than none at all. When I finally had a tech come out to check the cooling system, she informed myself and others that the idea was on its last legs. I promise I will take better care of the next one.

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