The Heating and Air Conditioning idea was an investment

I take comic books entirely seriously.

At this point, they are not just our pride and joy, but also our retirement fund.

I have been amassing our comic collection for years, preserving it perfectly, so when the time is right and the market is tepid I can sell the whole thing and “currency out” for a big payday. I would be lying if I said that I collected comics for their financial value, though. I started buying them because I care about to learn them. I care about them so much I have a dedicated weather conditions control idea for our comic book storage room. This may sound care about a foolish waste of money, but hear myself and others out — the Heating and Air Conditioning idea was an investment into the future. Comic books can degrade entirely abruptly if the air quality is low, and the temps and humidity levels are high. Comics lose their value if the condition deteriorates, so this extra air handler and dehumidifier for the storage room is simply to protect our investment in all these books! One day our comic collection might be worth hundreds of thoUSAnds of dollars, but separate from temperature control and humidity regulation, they will be worth nothing! Now the room has its own control unit, so I can keep it locked down at just the right settings. What’s more, I have an app on our smartphone that allows myself and others to check the control device studying and adjust them from someplace, even if I am not home! Right now the Heating and Air Conditioning idea is worth more than the comics, but one day that will change!


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