The AC is better here than in our house!

My modern work path started as a project to kill time during the initial months of the pandemic.

There had been an old metal shipping container on the property for years, a remnant from when our dad was a truck driver.

She had long ago sold the rig, but the trailer was still there, holding down the weeds. I decided to turn it into a livable apartment, one I could maybe rent out, or live in if I were to lose our job. I stripped and sanded the outside, then painted it. I put down hardwood flooring, and then set up an electrical grid capable of sustaining an Heating and Air Conditioning system… Of course there was no way to set up an Heating and Air Conditioning idea and ductwork inside the container, there just wasn’t enough room. To circumvent this issue I put all the Heating and Air Conditioning device and ductwork on the room, and simply split in a few extra vents. This saved an incredible amount of space, while not sacrificing comfort because the Heating and Air Conditioning idea was top of the line. The more work I put into it, the more interest I got on social media from people. It got to the point where people wanted to buy it, so I decided to start taking orders, buying more Heating and Air Conditioning systems and shipping containers, and turning this into a business. Having lived in the finished container, I have to say it’s amazing, and the air conditioning is really better here than in our real house, however check out our modern website to see pictures of the work I have done.

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