Having a HEPA filter in your vacuum can be really great for allergies

I’ve lived in apartments ever since I went away to college, and I am very ready to settle down and buy a house now.

It’s such a headache having to move all of the time, and renting gives you less control over what happens to your home.

I wish I could renovate things myself instead of waiting for my landlord. For example, I really think that our air conditioning ducts and vents need to be cleaned. I have really terrible allergies so having a highly efficient and safe air filter means a lot to me. A clean air conditioner and air purification system is also really important to me, and impacts day-to-day heavily. When I asked my landlord if he could have someone clean the air ducts, he recommended getting a really good vacuum to clean my rooms with carpet. I already have a vacuum with a filter good enough to vacuum rooms with pet hair, so I’m pretty sure that it should be sucking up other pollutants and irritants from the carpet. I decided to go to the store and check out other vacuums that may have better air filters in them. I found out through this that our current vacuum does not have a HEPA filter, and that’s a bare minimum necessity for people with allergies. We bought a new vacuum with the appropriate filter and immediately cleaned the bedroom carpet. We were surprised to find that the air ducts weren’t the problem, and it was simply the fact that our carpets were too dirty for my sinuses.

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