Winter heating doesn’t have to be so expensive

There are plenty of ways to achieve the same results.

This is something that I try to remind myself of on a near daily basis.

Often, I get caught up in attempting to work through something without really thinking it through in order to consider the entire picture. So when I kept trying to save on HVAC heating during the winter and failing, I had to really take a step back and thing it through. I was approaching the reduction of my heating costs as though by a piecemeal strategy. Well really, there was no real strategy at all and that might have been my first clue. I then went about making a list of changes and ideas on just how to get the heating bill down consistently and significantly. I started with the HVAC equipment. Having heating maintenance done in the fall ensured the furnace was working at its most efficient. Next, I made sure the house was sealed tight. I changed all the weather stripping and added plenty of new insulation. I even used a temperature gun to check the outside of my house for HVAC heating leaks. Then I made sure I knew how to program the thermostat so it could have consistent settings throughout the day and night. With just this amount of effort, I saved well over 20 percent on my heating costs last winter. That’s consistent and significant savings for the entire winter. Just doing a little bit of planning and then committing to that plan really made all the difference in my attempt to get heating savings.

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