Be careful what you put on the HVAC cabinet

Guess what? There’s a reason why they tell you not to put anything on top or next to the HVAC cabinet outside of your house.

This seems like something that really should go without saying.

All HVAC equipment relies on unobstructed air flow and without it, the heating and cooling equipment can’t do the job. But even worse, if there is a total air flow disruption, the HVAC equipment is at risk of being ruined. And that’s exactly what almost happened to my heating and cooling equipment. I have a son who just turned 13 and has taken over the yard maintenance at our home. This is something that he’s doing for extra money and he also really likes it. I figured the first few times would be something new. But once the summer really got hot, he’d be trying to stay inside the air conditioning instead of taking care of the yard. And I was wrong. The kid really takes to it and honestly, he does a better job with it than I did. My son is meticulous about weeding, edging and making sure the lawn looks tight. However, he almost killed the HVAC equipment when he was weeding a flower bed. He was using a tarp to toss the weeds on. But he threw the tarp on top fo the HVAC cabinet. Of course, this immediately started to choke the air flow for the HVAC equipment. Fortunately, I happened to venture out to grab the mail and caught it in time. I gave my son a quick lesson in just how important unobstructed air flow was to our heating and cooling.
Cooling representative