A new HVAC unit for a new apartment

And we are able to clear our mortgage payment no problem

There was a time there where we weren’t exactly sure if we were going to be able to pay the mortgage. I imagine there are plenty of other people who went through the same sort of thing when the pandemic hit. Not only were we working suddenly from inside the HVAC security of home, we were doing so for far less money. Both my wife and I took major pay cuts in order to keep our jobs and work from the air conditioning at home. The cuts were so deep that we could barely pay our mortgage and eat. This situation forced us to get creative and quick. Our house actually has a finished basement with plumbing, electrical and it’s own separate entrance. So it didn’t take all that much to turn that space into a nice apartment. However, we did have to address the lack of heating and cooling. There was only one HVAC air duct vent down there. That just wasn’t going to do. Nor could we expect a renter to just go with whatever HVAC setting we chose. So we called the HVAC company for some help. The answer was a ductless heat pump. Well it was actually called a ductless mini split. It’s essentially a heat pump but without the ductwork. However, one of these made quick work out of heating and cooling the new apartment. And now, the new renter has their own HVAC thermostat. And we are able to clear our mortgage payment no problem. That was a load off our mind for sure. Now we are back to full salary but are really glad to have that apartment rented to such a cool person. It all worked out just fine.

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