Three loads of air filters should keep us rocking for a few weeks

The two of us would be in awful shape right now if the two of us did not have all of the extra supplies

My task can be particularly stressful at times, however it’s my task to order all of the supplies necessary to run a 550 Bed Hospital, when the two of us first began to study about the coronavirus, I thought it might be a fantastic idea to stock up on air filters. I also ordered some additional supplies prefer masks, gloves, as well as alcohol sanitizing solution, then my boss was adamant that the supplies were not necessary, however I used some emergency funding to buy the extra supplies. I bought numerous loads of air filters for all of the media air cleaners located around the hospital, but the two of us have more than a dozen unusual media air cleaners throughout the building, as well as the two of us change each one of the air filters every other week. I wanted to be particular that the two of us would not run out of necessary supplies. It’s been almost numerous weeks since I made that order, as well as the two of us still have some air filters in the supply building. It’s a fantastic thing too, because our company will only allow us to buy half of the supplies that the two of us usually purchase. The two of us would be in awful shape right now if the two of us did not have all of the extra supplies. I don’t see this complication ending anytime soon, so I’m still stocking up on everything that is necessary to keep the hospital running officially. The last thing I want to do is run out of personal protection machine when my staff is trying to fight a global pandemic. I suppose it is a shame for any hospital to run out of gloves as well as masks while in a crisis such as this.
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