Sharing my favorite spot with someone at the coffee shop

There’s this coffee shop downtown that I always love to go to.

They have some of the best coffee and pastries that I have ever tried.

The thing I really appreciate about this place is the fact that they have an excellent HVAC system with the ideal temperature control settings. The best part is that they have a gas fireplace in the back, and I always try to sit right next to the fireplace. I always love to bring a good book with me and I can sit there and read for hours. There’s just something incredibly enjoyable about relaxing in front of a fireplace while reading a book or studying. Well, the other day, I went to my favorite coffee shop and I was happy because it wasn’t very crowded. My heart sank a little bit when I saw some lady relaxing in my favorite spot next to the fireplace. Then I realized that she was by herself and she was reading a familiar looking book. I decided to buy an extra pastry and thought I would offer it to her and see if she would mind if I sat there to also read. I came up to her and offered her the pastry and she was delighted. I then realized that we actually were reading the same book, and we talked about it for a little bit while relaxing near the fireplace. She didn’t mind me staying there with her, and we decided to make this a regular thing hanging out at the coffee shop near the fireplace with our books.


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