The gift shop

I love going to the gift shop that the people I was with and I have in the mall here. The reason for this is not to buy gifts for family & friends, however the fact that they have some really wonderful deals on products that you would never find in official stores; For instance, I was actually surprised to see a portable a/c method in the gift shop the other morning that was actually cheap! I was not expecting to see any kind of portable heat or a/c products in a gift shop! After all, these are not the things you would think of when buying someone a small gift. But they had them! The price of the portable cooling systems were almost one hundred & twenty more than four dollars cheaper than the portable cooling systems in the official shops! I could not guess it! I was so shocked to see this that I had to take luck of this major steal of a price & buy one of these portable cooling systems! I was thinking about getting one anyhow this coming summer, so why not buy it early since I just happened to see it at this gift shop here in town. I only wish they also had portable air cleaners, because I wanted to get one of those as well. But beggers can’t be choosers. So I grabbed this portable a/c method & took it right up to the register to pay for it. The cashier looked at me with confusion that I was buying a portable cooling system in the dead cold of winter!


Space heater