I just reprogrammed all of the thermostats

I just reprogrammed all of the thermostats in our church.

A few months ago, a virus started spreading across our nation, and it affected literally every part of our daily lives. Since I work at a church, it even affected how we ran things there. Rather than meeting in person, we began to do all of our services online. One of the results of this was that we saved a ton of money on the thermostats. As soon as we made the decision to stop holding in-person services. My pastor asked me to reschedule all of the thermostats in our church. We have seven HVAC units, so reprogramming every thermostat for the entire week was asking a lot. Thankfully, we had just upgraded to wifi thermostats, so I could use my computer to adjust the thermostats rather than trying to use the actual thermostat to change all of the settings. It took a few tries to adjust all of the thermostats since there were so many settings, but I eventually managed to readjust them all. Apparently, now the virus has calmed down a little bit, so we are able to resume church services again. That meant that I spent a major portion of my day today reprogramming all of the thermostats again so that people would be comfortable. Since this is also a time to begin using the air conditioners again, I had to program them differently than what they were before the quarantine. Still, I am glad that we don’t have to worry about the virus anymore. Who cares about the thermostats.


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