Can I call them because I am lonely?

I desperately have wanted to call my AC technician.

I already had him over to the house, but I want him again.

I am certainly getting stir crazy right now. I had never given my a/c much thought at all. I have been resting in my home for some time now and the afternoons are flying by. I had already cleaned my beach house several times and sanitized all of my counters and cabinets. I worry that if I don’t scrub everything, I will end up with Covid-19. The problem with that thought is that I never saw anyone in the first place where I could get the coronavirus. I work from home and I never entertain. My family is almost a thousand miles away. It seems that all I have to look forward to is when the Heating plus A/C corporation show up to do the servicing on my a/c unit. That is why I was thinking about my a/c unit and wanting them back again. I was wondering if it was time to call the Heating plus A/C dealer for another service appointment. I thought that if I at least had the A/C corporation to work on the cooling, I could at least see another human being. Living where I live, I seldom even see my neighbors. I am at the end of a street and I am pretty much by myself. I can walk in my backyard and I don’t even see anyone there either.



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