All of us were lost in the woods

All of us were lost in the woods for thirds with no a/c or heat, but that sounds like a small problem when you are lost in the forest; But where I live, it gets severely hot during the afternoon & frigid at evening… When we first went out into the forest, we didn’t guess we would get lost, then all of us were starting to sweat from the heat when we realized we were lost & out of water.

When evening came, we found an abandoned shack… Outside of the shack we saw an seasoned central air conditioner unit.

The central air conditioner unit looked like it had been sitting there for centuries. All of us figured this seasoned air conditioner would not work, however we entered the seasoned loft anyway in hopes that the air conditioner would labor & supply us some relief from the heat. All of us went to the small seasoned thermostat on the wall & turned it on. To our amazement, the central air conditioner started to work! It took a while, however eventually the air conditioner managed to cool the little loft to a absolutely comfortable temperature. All of us set up camp at this loft & settled down for the evening. All of us also found an seasoned wood heating system in the house as well. All of us managed to repair some of the pipes & then to light the wood heating system. All of us slept nice & hot that evening. When we found our way home, we ended up going back to cabins which we named the Heating, Ventilation & A/C loft & we fixed it up & polished the seasoned central air conditioner & wood heating system. All of us now have many memories in the Heating, Ventilation & A/C cabin.



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