I didn't realize the fireplace would need to be cleaned

My husband as well as I bought a modern home last year as well as it was the first time that either a single of us had something that was just ours, then both of us lived in an condo for a while as well as after that I bought a condo.

The condo was ours, but all of us had to share our yard as well as the street with other people.

It never absolutely felt care about it was a home. Last year, my husband as well as I decided to buy a house. Both of us outgrew the condo as well as the location was no longer sizable enough for our family of four, my husband as well as I searched a lot of odd properties before all of us found the right location for our family. My husband as well as I were gleeful that the modern new home had a fireplace. Both of us moved to the property shortly before the Wintertide season began as well as all of us were gleeful to use the fireplace the first time that all of us had a chilly snap. My husband was at work, but I stacked up some logs as well as some small pieces of wood to create a nice pyramid. I used a long match to light the small pieces of wood under the sizable logs. I had a small fire burning when I realized that the room was filling up with smoke. I opened the flu as well as most of the smoke left the room, but there was still a lot of soot as well as smoke in the room. I decided all of us should call a cleaning service to make sure that the chimney wasn’t clogged. It was a good idea, because there was a sizable buildup inside the chimney as well as that was the main reason why the room was filled with smoke.

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