I took his card

I get a lot of door to door sales people where I live, & most of the time I just never answer the door or I just flat out tell them I am not interested! However recently I had a door to door sales person from the local heating & supplier.

They were selling a pretty good heating & maintenance plan.

This heating & maintenance method was almost too good to be true, so it got my attention. The door to door sales person from the local heating & supplier told myself and others to know it over & then gave myself and others his card & said to call him when I make a decision. I decided to take his card because I was absolutely interested in this heating & maintenance plan. I just needed to check it out further & verify some things to ensure that it was for real & not some rip off scam from a bogus heating & supplier. I took to the internet to find this out, & it all looked on the level. The heating & supplier was real & surprisingly had genuinely good reviews. Normally door to door Heating & Air Conditioning sales companies have the worst reviews, however this site was different, however so I decided to call the sales rep back at the number listed on the card he gave myself and others & accept the offer for the heating & maintenance method that was being sold by the local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier.

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