Insurance company refused to help pay for construction

After my mom had extensive surgery, she had to go to a rehab center for numerous weeks.

While my mom was in rehab, the doctor insisted that changes needed to be made in my mom’s home.

She wasn’t going to be able to walk for numerous months after rehab as well as that meant using a cane, crutches, or a walker. My mom needed to be able to access her home so she could continue her rehabilitation, the doctor felt particular that our insurance carrier would help with the changes. I talked to my mom about the home changes and she insisted we try the insurance business before we call a bunch of lavish business. Unfortunately for my mom, the insurance business refused to pay for any of the necessary changes. Since my mother’s condition was going to get better, they did not consider the changes to be necessary. My mom and I looked for a building business that could help make the updates, both of us found a lot of building businesses that specialize in ADA compliant updates. Most of them were too high priced to be within our budget, but my mom found one person online. The building business was just getting started and still new to the business. He was trying to get work, so he was offering enjoyable rates and free estimates. He gave to complete all of the ADA compliant updates and necessary construction for half the cost of a professionally licensed business. The guy had insurance as well as he was bonded, so my mom as well as I decided to give him a try.


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