My kids seem to enjoy remote learning with our public school system

Sometimes the public schools have remote learning for the children. This has been a development from the pandemic crisis we have been facing. It actually is a smart thing because whenever people get sick, the kids can still learn from home with their computers. The schools even provide the children with chromebooks which is a good thing. So recently when the kids had remote learning, they were all saying how happy they were because the heating system felt so nice at home. I think a big part of that is because we love to use our fireplace in the winter. When we have the fireplace going all the time, it makes it so the heating system doesn’t have to work as hard. That saves us a huge amount of money on the energy bills and I am thankful for that. That was one major appeal of having a fireplace, saving big money and chopping firewood. Even my kids were telling their teachers about the fireplace and how they felt nice and warm all of the time. I do think that some of the other students were jealous because they didn’t have fireplaces at their homes. It would be great if more people had fireplaces at home because they would save so much money with their oil or gas bills. My kids were telling me that they enjoyed remote learning so much and they wished they could study like that on a regular basis. I’m sure they are going to get a lot more remote learning with this ongoing pandemic, but I think eventually the kids will be in school more often.


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