Hearing about my wife’s girl night out

It was interesting to hear about my wife’s painting night with her girlfriends. They tend to have these girl nights from time to time and this is what they came up with. When I asked my wife if she had a good time, she said it was an experience. She said they ended up painting this young guy who was only in his boxers and she felt bad for the kid. Fortunately, she said they had a type of HVAC zone control in the building, so when somebody said something they were able to turn up the heating system a little bit in the area where the guy was being observed by the class. Then she showed me the painting that she did and I was amazed by the detail. It was like a picture of the moment and suddenly I could see exactly what my wife was talking about. She even drew a picture of the HVAC unit that was providing the heating to this guy and the picture showed a sort of relief on his face as he no longer had to carry on with shivering. Of course, I wouldn’t want to stand up there in my boxer shorts while freezing with not enough heating. It would be worse if everybody in there were wearing coats and then I know I would be in for it. But it sounded like some type of fun experience I guess, not something that I would be into. I’m glad that my wife has her friends to do things like this with because I don’t think she would be able to get me to do anything quite like that.



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