We Weren’t Happy With Our Neighborhood HVAC Technician

We live in a neighborhood with over 50 houses. Although there are a lot of homes, we’re a tight-knit community. We have neighborhood meetings, there’s an HOA, and an official committee to represent the houses here. My wife and I enjoy how close everyone is because our kids are able to roam about the neighborhood with their friends and we feel safe. We don’t have any issues with theft or burglary, and everyone looks out for one another. However, one of the downfalls about a tight-knit community like this is that there are no secrets. When there’s a small piece of gossip, it spreads like wildfire. This made things extremely difficult for us when we fired our neighbor’s son as our HVAC technician. He was the HVAC technician for the whole neighborhood, which is why we hired him in the first place. We were using him for several years, but weren’t super impressed with his work. He was always late, there were always issues with our HVAC system even though we hired him twice per year to examine the equipment, and we weren’t sure he was actually doing anything. Whenever I tried to ask him questions about the HVAC system, he never gave me a straight answer. My wife and I thought long and hard about firing him, because we knew what the repercussions would be from the rest of the community. However, we didn’t want to keep paying for a service we weren’t happy with and end up paying for a brand new HVAC system.


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