I Was Getting Scammed

There is always something wrong with my HVAC system.

Whenever I hire an HVAC professional to come service my HVAC system twice per year, the professional always gives me a list of things that need repaired.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t hear or feel any differences in my heat and air, the HVAC professional will insist that I have the issues repaired right away. All of them tell me that if I neglect to have the issues taken care of, my HVAC equipment will only get worse and I’ll end up needing a full HVAC replacement. I’ve spent a fortune on HVAC repairs that I don’t even notice! It’s because of this that I decided to try out a different HVAC company for my next HVAC service. When the HVAC professional showed up at my door, I told them that everything appeared to be running properly, but I wanted them to look everything over for me before I switched from my furnace to my AC system. He examined my HVAC system for 45 minutes and came back with a positive report! He assured me that it was okay to switch from my furnace to my AC system because there were no noticeable problems. I wasn’t sure if I could believe him because nobody ever gave me a positive report. I told him about the long history I had with my HVAC system and he assured me that everything was fine. He also told me that I’d waited too long to switch HVAC companies, because it sounded like the previous company was scamming me. I knew it!