I recognized the face immediately

I called an HVAC repair company to fix a ductwork problem in my home.

  • The HVAC contractor told me that the repair technician would come to my place on Tuesday to take care of the ventilation and ductwork issue.

I patiently waited for the technician to arrive. When I opened the door and saw a scrawny person, I was immediately worried that the person would not be able to make the repair. I didn’t consider for a moment that this person might be the best repair technician for the job. I was going to ask for some qualifications and then I recognized the face behind the uniform. It was an old friend from school. I recognized her almost immediately. I wasn’t worried for a minute after I recognized Sarah. I knew she was a good person and I knew she wouldn’t cheat me. We talked for several minutes about life before she started working on the ductwork repair. She told me that she had been working as a heating and air conditioning repair technician for the past five years. She recently moved back to town and she was living with her mother. We had a very nice talk and we made plans to get together again soon. After we exchanged telephone numbers, Sarah started working on the ductwork and ventilation repair. I hardly saw her at all during the two hours that she was in my home. I got the ventilation problems fixed and I reconnected with an old friend. It was a very good day to have some heating and air conditioning work completed.


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