The repair technician was really fast and thorough

My wife and I were trying to leave the house for the weekend.

  • We planned to go to a hotel on Saturday night so we could celebrate our anniversary.

We made the reservations months in advance. I was particularly excited because our hotel room had a fireplace. We also had a jacuzzi tub with massaging jets. My wife got home from work first and she packed all of our bags. She noticed that the indoor atmosphere was starting to feel warmer, but she thought it was due to running around the house trying to get ready. As she waited for me to come home, the indoor air temperature continued to get warmer and warmer. My wife called me on the phone to tell me that she thought the air conditioner was broken. I told her that was impossible because the air conditioner was installed a couple of years ago. She told me that the air conditioner was running, but the temperature inside of the house was still a few degrees above normal. When I walked through the front door, I realized that we had to call for help. The repair technician was really fast and thorough. The heating and air conditioning repair company sent someone right away to fix the problem. We couldn’t leave the house before the air conditioner was fixed, but the repair technician certainly worked as fast as he could. I called someone to repair the air conditioner at 5:12 and we were on the road to our destination before 7:30. The small repair didn’t ruin our weekend at all.

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