I was saved by good air quality

My seasonal allergies always gave me hell.

One day, it just became so much worse.

Whenever there was someone smoking or whenever I got into a cab that had cheap air freshener, I started sneezing. Somehow, my body didn’t wait for just pollen or the smell of freshly-cut grass anymore. Because of that, my doctor advised me to just work from home. He even wrote a recommendation letter for work modification that my boss gladly fulfilled. I felt like I was in a bubble, visibly known as my condominium. My boss even had hermetically sealed windows installed in my place and provided me with a few air purifiers. He also transferred my computer station at work to my condo. To complete my work modification, my boss called to have my thermostat automated to keep myself and my computers optimal. I was grateful to be part of my company and to have such a caring boss. My air conditioning and heating were regulated. The best part was that my ventilation was improved significantly. Since the change in my condo and HVAC, my sneezing lessened, and my breathing became a lot better. The company doctor came one day and evaluated my health status, two weeks after the work modification was complete. She concluded that my health became a lot better and that the improved ventilation was working. I just didn’t tell her but the ventilation and air quality in my condo saved my life. Maybe she already knew that. When she left, I looked out my window and realized that if I were to survive in this allergen-saturated world, I needed to make changes in my shopping methods as well.

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