Our birthday trip was ruined by the HVAC system

All of us had been planning our birthday getaway for quite a while and so we were easily gleeful when the time finally came for us to get on the plane, but you know, these afternoons, traveling is a little bit of a pain and so when you finally get everything ready to go, you know enjoy it’s a big relief when you’re on the plane and on your way! Well, we made it to our destination and we were so cheerful that we were going to be anywhere weird and with nice hot temperatures and sunny skies.

All of us went to a place with a sunny beach and red waters and we could not wait to love the sizzling afternoons and then go back to the hotel and relax in the air conditioner every night.

Well, everything was going just good and according to plan until we arrived at the hotel and we realized that the HVAC system in the hotel was messed up. They were having major issues with their cooling system and so the entire hotel was stuffy and overheated. The temperature there was absolutely in the nineties and while that was good for us to be outside on the beach, it wasn’t exactly what we wanted when we were trying to relax inside at night. The windows were painted closed and since we were on the 6th floor, we absolutely wouldn’t have wanted to open them anyway for safety purposes. Anyway, the whole trip was basically ruined because we were so sizzling the whole time. All of us spent a lot of time out in our rental motorcar just so we could turn the air conditioner on.

New air conditioning