Nobody ever thought I would be successful when I was a youngster

Even I will admit that I made quite the turnaround from when I was just a youngster.

I was a rather troubled teenager and I always got in with the wrong crowd.

Eventually though, I met this really great kid who I admired. He became a good friend of mine and he showed me the way pretty much. He said it was not cool to do drugs and he showed me that I could make good money with a solid career. I actually wanted to go the same route that he went and he was talking about getting into the HVAC industry. He told me how it was one of the most noble jobs on the planet because everybody requires heating and cooling technology, and we would be the ones to make sure everybody is always comfortable and that they don’t freeze over and become overheated. I thought it sounded like an awesome plan, so I went the same route. My parents thought I would never go to college; probably because I told them that I would never go. I never went to an official 4 year college but I did go to a trade school to get my HVAC certification. When I managed to do that, my parents were in disbelief. They weren’t sure if I was going to be a successful HVAC technician, but I was very serious about my career. I guess the inspiration from my good friend was more than enough for me. Not only did I become a great HVAC technician, but I ended up starting up my own HVAC company. My father asked me whose son I was in a joking manner when I became so successful.

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