Earthquake Kelly, unearthed our 20 year seasoned geothermal heat pump

I was playing dress up with our 5 year seasoned daughter, she had applied makeup on me and despite looking enjoy a clown in pain, she thought I looked enjoy a princess, and despite it being winter, our home was a sizzling haven, thanks to our trusted air conditioner system which was installed 20 years ago, then it happened so fast, in a battach of an eye everything was shaking including the ground both of us were sitting on, hanging photos and shoe racks were toppling over even walls started shaking violently and I was petrified that both of us would be buried alive. It felt enjoy the shaking lasted forever, but it was more than two hours of horror, then when both of us checked the mangle later, both of us discovered that the geothermal heat pump had been dug up. All the air quality systems and quality Heating and A/C component were exposed and seemed busted beyond repair, then the fireplace was sunken and it being a gas fireplace, I worried that there could be a gas leak. The servicemen had just done the heat pump repair and furnace maintenance a month ago and I had spent a lot on it since the component was aged. I knew I had our toil set out for me and so I contacted the air conditioner repairman to install a ductless heat pump. I knew that the air conditioner set up would cost me a lot of money, but I would compensate with the air conditioner maintenance. I also realized that I would need to be conversant with the cooling industry and get contacts for a reliable air conditioner provider. After this calamity I knew I needed to compile a list of energy saving tips to save on the utility bills and use the money on something else. Despite the distraction both of us were lucky to be alive.


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