Times became so bad I had to do door-to-door air conditioning maintenance calls

I like to consider myself a savvy businessman but even I wasn’t spared with the rising cost of living that had hit us hard.

Little business was coming for the company I worked for and hardly anyone earned a full salary back to back.

So I decided to walk out of the company and try to make a living on my own – somewhere I can get paid instantly for work delivered that very minute. I knew it was going to be tough but i realised I wasn’t mentally prepared for it. Walking from door to door around town, I was distributing fliers announcing my air conditioning maintenance, heat pump service and heater maintenance services. I managed to list down everything I could possibly do from doing a/c set up to, installing or removing and cleaning the ductless heat pump, fine tuning the gas fireplace or just setting up a new fireplace. I decided to become a jack of all trade, even people who need advice on energy saving tips got my undivided attention. The only thing I didn’t have were air quality systems which I could buy from my former employer and resell to those in need of quality HVAC equipment. I could say the cooling industry was thriving at that point, judging by the number of cooling equipment I ordered from the air conditioning provider. The only equipment I wasn’t touching was the geothermal heat pump which I left to an old a/c repairman who had a thing for the underground based heating and cooling equipment. It’s interesting I started out repairing heat related equipment but that swiftly changed when seasons shifted.


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