I’ll go where you go, baby

When our girlfriend told myself and others that she was rapidly moving up north, I was shocked.

I told her she couldn’t just leave myself and others behind in the south.

She smiled at that & said she thought that I would absolutely break up with her as soon as she finally let myself and others know. She said she got a promotion with her job & she apparently had to take the position up north. When I told her I didn’t have an issue with that, she stopped and asked myself and others if I had any idea how bad the Winter time weather really was up there. I said as long as the people I was with and I had a really great furnace, the people I was with and I would be fine. I never was afraid of a little bit of falling snow. Well, the people I was with and I ended up moving to a superb place & it was extremely nice in the summer. Both of us even had to use the cooling system a lot of the time. But whenever the people I was with and I got to the fall season, the people I was with and I suddenly had to make sure to get the furnace tuned up & everything. I easily became undoubtedly comfortable over time with the place though & I made plenty of current friends at our current job. I was beyond shocked though when the people I was with and I started getting snow in the winter season. The furnace was great to go, but the amount of snow was insane. But, I would follow her anywhere because I loved her so much.



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