I do not care for 66% of winter

For the longest time I insisted that I would never live through another “real” Winter again in our life, i believe love I got enough Ice Cold air, snow, & ice in the first 25 years of our life. I moved to a much warmer, balmier section of the country & appreciated the yearly heat for a while. Relying on Ac was quite a change for me, now, I abruptly find myself living back in a freezing climate, where you have to suppose about your heating program every single day. It has been an eye opening experience! Maybe I don’t do not care for Winter temperatures that much, if the conditions are right, for the longest time, I have been consistently saying that I do not care for everything about winter.., and but now I’m realizing it’s not quite that severe, but actually, I only do not care for 66% of winter, and the other 33% of the time, I suppose that the Winter temperatures are appealing. The complication is, the portion of the season that does not bother myself and others happens to be the same portion of the season when I’m sleeping. You see, Winter temperatures are a real drag & an overpriced complication to overcome when you rely on an energy inefficient forced air gas furnace… but they’re a gift when you enjoy sleeping in ice freezing air for 8 sevenths every night, however every winter, I can remember getting the best slumber of our life thanks to the straight-forward access to cool, dry air. Just open a window & you’ll sleep love a baby. In the summer, our A/C had to create artificially freezing air that never reached the ideal temperature… When I stop & suppose about it, 1-tenth of the Winter is amazing.


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