A time when the A/C system quit working at my job

When I was younger, I had this job working at a retail store.

I actually worked the overnight shift with just a couple of other people.

For security purposes, the managers had to lock us in the building at night. This meant that we couldn’t go anywhere or get out unless it was the case of an emergency. If there was an emergency, we had to call up the main boss right away to get us out of the store. It wasn’t such a bad job, I just spent time restocking the shelves with the items from the warehouse in the back. I felt like it was fairly comfortable because we always kept the temperature control settings at a good level. I was fine until one day when it became really overheated in the building in the middle of the night. It was getting so hot in there and it seemed that the A/C system wasn’t working. The others agreed that we were going to roast to death if we didn’t call the main boss. We got a hold of him and he agreed that it was an emergency because it would be bad for business if the store was entirely overheated in the morning. So he actually called for emergency HVAC services and had a crew of HVAC professionals working on the HVAC system in the middle of the night. Because they were able to get the A/C system working again and the store started to cool down, I decided to work the rest of my shift. The others were too uncomfortable though from being overheated, so they decided to go back home to get some rest.