I Over Communicate With My Homeowners

As an HVAC professional, I have to be very cautious about what I say to the homeowners I work with.

A lot of them are frustrated and cranky because their HVAC system isn’t working properly and they can’t understand why.

Before I became an HVAC professional myself, I never understood what the HVAC professionals were telling me when they serviced the equipment. It’s partially why I got my certification. When the HVAC professional would leave my house, I’d look up all the terms he threw my way. I would spend at least an hour researching everything and trying to understand what was happening with my HVAC system. I actually enjoyed learning about HVAC systems, but I know a lot of other people don’t. When I got my HVAC certification, I made it my mission to communicate with every homeowner I worked with. I didn’t care if it took me twice the time, because I wanted everyone to feel confident in my work. Part of feeling confident was understanding the terminology and putting a picture to the words I was talking about. To make things easier, I carry around photos of different parts I commonly work on and I show them to the homeowners as I’m talking about them. This helps them understand and it gives me credibility. I never leave a house until I’m confident that the homeowner knows what I did to their HVAC system and why. I know I’m doing something right, because I have amazing reviews on my website.


a/c rep