My job could get boring.

About 90% of the customers that I deal with in the website design company, asre heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies.

  • I put a lot of thought into HVAC.

I speak with customers that are from all over the US and a few outside. I have dealt with major companies that are corporate and I have dealt with mom and pop HVAC companies from small towns. It doesn’t matter where the company is located, they all want the same outcome. Every HVAC company wants to have a content page that shows their repair, and service plans. They want to outline their scope of work and what they can do the best. They also want a homepage that tells about their company. They want a list of their certifications, products and accreditations that are in their company. They want to have a definite feel that is only for their pages, and this includes color, lay out and written content. The content needs to relate to heating and cooling. Some large companies will want to showcase their products, such as heat pumps, ductless HVAC systems and radiant heating. I find that I do enjoy website design, because I have the ability to change the fonts and to play with the color. Although I may use green as the primary color, there are many variants of that shade. I feel bad for the content writer. They can only do so much for HVAC without repeating themselves. They need to create content that tells about HVAC. They also need to be aware that they need to include enough SEO to make the website visible.