My nephew and nieces were making fun of my old dial thermostat

It wasn’t too long ago when I decided to take my nieces and nephew to a museum.

I was really pleased when we got to the place because the temperature control settings were great.

I appreciate a building that has a great HVAC system. So we went all over the museum and saw a bunch of cool exhibits. The children really loved the science section as there were a lot of fun things the kids could do and interactive activities. It was truly an educational experience. Then we got to this area where they showed the evolution of HVAC systems. They actually had a dial thermostat on display that looked a lot like the one I had at home. My nephew pointed and said, “Look, they have Uncle Tony’s thermostat on display!” They laughed and said my thermostat must have been ancient. I gotta tell you, that really made me feel old. Back when I was younger, everybody had that kind of dial thermostat and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I felt like as long as the thermostat did what it was supposed to, there was nothing to complain about. My nephew started bragging about the smart thermostat that their father purchased and had installed in the home. He said even before the smart thermostat, they had a fancy programmable thermostat. I just said that the type of thermostat didn’t matter so long as it worked as it should. Then my nephew begged to differ and said the smart thermostat was saving them a lot of money on the energy bills. I never actually looked into smart thermostats, but if they save you money, then maybe I should get one of those.

a/c worker