The service appointment disaster

I decided that before I hosted the neighborhood block party I should get my HVAC system serviced.

A buddy of mine heard that I was going to pay around a hundred bucks to get my heating and cooling system checked.

The guy told me he would do it for 50 dollars. I figured how bad could he mess up the job? Well turns out the guy really could mess up a HVAC system. An hour before the party I saw that my HVAC system was literally in pieces. My buddy had no clue how to put it back together. I ended up having to call a HVAC contractor and pay for the guy to rush to my house. The guy arrived around the time all my guests did. So I was trying to play a good host, serve drinks, food and handle a HVAC guy. It was a mess trying to coordinate with the guy and find out what was wrong. Most of the party there was no air conditioning because the system was apart. Everyone at the party made a comment about it. Afterwards I found out that my buddy ruined a part when he removed it. The HVAC contractor had to leave, come back and replace the part. It cost me almost five hundred dollars because of the AC repair, service and the guy’s time. I also paid a little extra because it was a rush job. I should have just kept my original service appointment. It would have taken less time and money at the end of the day.


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