A must to upgrade the HVAC at our old property

The whole idea that the two of us could be homeowners has regularly been a bit of a longshot.

That’s because my wife and I are both in social work and the two of us don’t make the most money.

Actually, that is particularly understating it. That meant that any property the two of us were going to own would be a project that the two of us could get at the cheapest price. Fortunately for us, that has finally happened. The property is over 50 years old however the structure is incredibly sound and will outlast us for sure. It’s super well made and will be a genuinely relaxing property once the two of us are eventually done with it. Yet there is plenty of work that needs to be done with the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, the family room, the roof and a bunch of other details. This being the plan, the two of us easily realized the two of us were in for a challenge. The first thing to be completed and updated was the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Although the two of us weren’t living there, the two of us still needed Heating and Air Conditioning equipment comfort to get all the work done. Our Heating and Air Conditioning people were absolutely instrumental in helping us figure out just how to redo the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The heating & cooling equipment the two of us inherited was a pretty poor mix of Heating and Air Conditioning methods. This included a terribly ancient and insufficient central air Heating and Air Conditioning system. It was so horrendous that the previous owners simply added Heating and Air Conditioning window units and space furnaces to help with heating & cooling at this property. That all got torn out. On the suggestion of our Heating and Air Conditioning people, the two of us updated all that with a series of ductless Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. This has worked especially well for us given the minimal upgrade process. We are also looking forward to the relaxing efficiency that comes with ductless Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.

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