Make sure that project has a qualified HVAC contractor

Having been raised in a family that loves to bring old stuff back to life, I have a real love for restoring things.

Our family business was multi generational and revolved around restoration.

It could be an old sign, an antique gas pump or any myriad of things that were being refurbished. All of us were always into it. It wasn’t like we just hung out inside the HVAC all the time. We worked hard and it paid off. This has shaped the way I think about things now that I am an adult. I happen to work in an HVAC controlled environment unlike the family business. My career is all about revitalizing old properties so I do get out and get my hands dirty from time to time. My work is focused on turning out building into residential living space for affordable housing. The goal of our company is to make something old and neglected be a part of positive change in the community. An important element in this process is the heating and cooling. No matter what or where the project, one of the first things I do is find a talented HVAC contractor. It is essential to what we do as we are transforming something that may have had one HVAC into a family setting with lots of individual HVAC. I really love the work and it is always made easier when I can find an HVAC contractor who gets it in the big picture sense. Without that sort of HVAC contractor, these projects would simply be a total mess.

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