I can’t imagine being forced to stay with a cat person while having cat allergies

My sibling knows that our mom doesn’t love cats, even though she still insisted that our mom would have a great time staying with her for 3 days, then my mom asked our sibling if the cats were going to be in the entire condo and so our sibling told our mom that she would keep them in her bedroom! When our mom got to our sibling’s apartment, all of the furniture and also the rugs were covered in animal hair. My mom started sneezing immediately. My mom told our sibling that she wasn’t going to be able to stay there so our sibling went crazy; she was completely offended and then recommended that our mom hates pets. My mom went to a hotel & our sibling refused to answer her calls for 2 days. My sibling did not talk to our mom until the night before she was supposed to leave to go back home! I think our sibling loves her cats, however I recognize she was actually taking it too far. My mom even complains about the pets in our condo and I only have a small puppy; however the only reason why she can stay here is because the two of us have an media air cleaner in the spare bedroom. My sibling should have put a new HEPA air cleaner in the condo for a couple of days. I told our sibling there was a place that would rent an indoor HEPA air cleaner for a couple of days, so mom would not have such a poor time breathing. My sibling cannot get aggravated because our mom went to a hotel. If she can’t breathe, she cannot have fun on holiday.


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